Stay in Shape (& Save Money) With 5 Activities That Double as a Winter Workout

With all of those tasty cookies and treats that seem to be everywhere, almost everyone indulges more than they planned during the holiday season. But if you enjoy being outside, you can stay in shape this winter — without spending extra money — with these five activities that double as a workout.


Sounds easy right? Well, going for a winter snowmobile ride is more of a winter workout that you may realize! To remain correctly positioned when travelling over rugged terrain, you use lower back muscles along with front and side abdominals. On average a person can burn up to 175 calories per hour just for sitting on a moving snowmobile. You really can’t get an easier workout!


Nothing conjures up Christmas memories more than trudging up and down a snow-covered hill with your sled flung over your shoulder. It’s fun and one heck of a workout! Did you know that you can burn up to 400 calories every hour you spend sledding? To get that type of calorie-burn in the gym you’d have to use the Stairmaster machine! Sledding has a strong cardio component. I guarantee you’ll feel the burn in your legs at the end of the day. And if you tug and.


If you’re a wildlife watcher, snowshoeing in the perfect winter workout for you. Slip on a pair of comfy vegan boots from your favorite retailer, and you’re on your way to burning up to one thousand calories per hour! That’s more than running or even cross-country skiing! Snowshoeing is also great cross-conditioning. So whether you’re a runner, a body-builder, climber, or avid yogi your training will get a boost from putting on snowshoes. And be sure to bring your camera and snap amazing winter pictures.


Love to surf? You’ll love snowboarding. And slicing through the snow on your board will put your abdominal, thigh, and calf muscles to the test. You’ll flex and burn up to 500 calories per hour depending on your speed and how much effort you put into your ride. And be sure to protect your skin from the elements while you’re on the slopes.

Ice Skating

You don’t need to be Tessa Virtue or Scott Moir to get a winter workout on the ice. Core muscles help with your stability, and leg muscles help you build momentum. You can burn between 350 and 550 calories per hour this winter activity that delivers an all-over full-body workout. And since you’ll burn more calories the faster your skate, consider challenging your friends to race. It’s great fun and an even greater workout. Check local municipal websites to find out public skating times and fees.

Staying in shape during the winter doesn’t have to be a drag. With a few outdoor activities, you can get your winter workout while creating fun-filled memories that last a lifetime that don’t cost a fortune

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