Pursuing The Kevin Spacey Interview: 2021 and Beyond

Thoughts From The Editor’s Desk:

Like almost everyone else in Hollywood, we wanted an interview with Kevin Spacey for our first issue. That’s how we learned of Ana Chevalier’s ongoing investigation into the Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegations, Anthony Rapp, cancel culture, and woke justice in Hollywood. We couldn’t get the interview, but her acclaimed article became our feature hit. Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations: What You Don’t Know has been read by more than 1 million readers and keeps attracting new visitors to the site every single day.

In may ways our premier issue became the unofficial Kevin Spacey issue and we could be more happy with the results.

Ana spent almost a year investigating the allegations and talked to everyone who was willing to go on the record. She challenged the mainstream media narrative and asked the uncomfortable questions that needed asking. Her efforts have earned her–and our magazine–significant praise from entertainment industry professionals and audience members alike.

What Do You Think You Know About The Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations?

I know journalism, but my lack of technical knowledge left our site vulnerable.

We obviously touched a nerve with our Kevin Spacey news coverage. As a result we endured multiple hacks including DDoS, shadow banning on several social media outlets, among others. Interlopers managed to take us offline several times, deleting our data, stats, and generally trashing our site in an apparent attempt to make search engines view us as untrustworthy.

If they wanted to make us run away, however, they failed. Their efforts only made us want to work harder to ensure this brave piece of journalism was available for anyone who wanted to read it.

So in spite of their efforts, we keep growing.

Kevin Spacey Isn’t Our Only Star

Ana’s coverage of what’s happened and where Kevin Spacey is now wasn’t our only star.

Nate Briggs’ exploration of ancient archetypes in Fifty Shades of Grey found eager audiences, as did Victor Nandi’s consideration of time and space. And Ravenna Sparks bold questioning of contemporary Christianity and how it works (or doesn’t) for women challenged readers around the globe.

Making The Tough Decisions

We had hoped to put an issue up every other month on a different theme. Things didn’t work out as we had planned. After all the internet turmoil, when Hurricane Ida hit us hard, we realized we couldn’t make this magazine into what we knew it could be.

In September we began looking around for a buyer for the site. We wanted someone who would not only keep these great pieces alive but also develop the magazine into something more.

The IO Magazine will be relaunching in the new year under a new editorial director who I know will do amazing things here. 

You may notice a few changes happening over the next few days. We’ve hired an SEO company to help us improve IO Magazine’s online visibility. We’ve already seen an increase in traffic to the site and more great comments from thoughtful readers. Keep them coming!

The Interview We Wanted But Never Got: The Kevin Spacey Interview of 2021

I held the vision of IO Magazine being the publication to feature a Kevin Spacey interview in 2021. We haven’t spoken to the beleaguered actor–yet. But, here’s to the new editor and to keeping the hope of a Kevin Spacey interview next year alive and well.

Thank you to everyone who has visited The IO Magazine to read, comment on, or share one of our articles.

Editor in Chief

Paul Campino

Updated: October 13, 2021


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