Brad Pitt Renovating “The Wall” Recording Studio

Brad Pitt is renovating Studio Miraval. Miraval is the iconic recording studio where portions of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” were recorded and will be open for new recording sessions by next summer. 

The Cure, AC/DC, and Pink Floyd were just some of the groups heading to the French Riviera in the late 70s and early 80s to create iconic vinyl recordings. Unfortunately, the famed studio they used had fallen into disrepair after more than two decades of neglect. But that’s all about to change. Thanks to Brad Pitt. 

Studio Miraval which measured roughly 3,000 square feet and contained a 650-square foot music control room, is situated within Pitt’s winemaking estate and is comprised of several buildings. Three residences housed musicians taking breaks from recording sessions, after which they could enjoy meals prepared by a live-in chef. It was all part of what made Studio Miraval so special–with many believing the unique atmosphere contributed to the success of the music created there. 

Academy Award-wining Pitt bought the famed property as part of the estate he and then-partner Angelia Jolie purchased in 2021 for a hefty $60-million price tag. Pitt and Jolie married in the property’s 13th-century chapel two years later, housing wedding guests in its 30-bedroom manor house initially built in 1841. 

Studio Miraval

In 1977, French jazz pianist Jacques Louisser, decided to build his dream recording studio. Miraval was was used until 2001, at which point its classic, analog recording equipment could no longer compete with progressive music technological demands. 

Pitt and Jolie divorced in 2016, with Pitt, now 58, retaining ownership of the studio. Pitt is overseeing the historic studio renovation, which is expected to be open for business next summer. 

Pitt has turned to Paris-based music engineer Damien Quintard to ensure the facility makes the musical grade. Quintard, 30, has worked with French techno duo “Justice,” Gaspard Augé and Brian Eno. 

Quintard first caught Pitt’s attention following his collaborative art installation, “Echo,” which featured motorized sculptures, hyperspatial speakers, and video animation, for NYC’s Museum of Modern Art reopening in 2019.

All major labels will have access to Studio Miraval when it reopens in 2022. Quintard and Pitt have big plans for the studio’s future, as it looks to expand expand into various other productions, including fine art, theatre, and film. 

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