The Meg Sequel Now Filming

The Meg Sequel
Photo Credit: Marco Manna

The Meg sequel starring Jason Statham has begun filming in the U.K, according to reports.

Meg 2: The Trench production has taken the plunge at Warner Bros.’s Leavesden Studios located outside London, where the mega-successful Harry Potter and Batman franchises were filmed.

The sequel, another shark thriller about a killer 80-foot prehistoric monster, is being directed by Rebecca skipper Ben Wheatley, taking over from Jon Turteltaub. Turteltaub directed the original installment of the now-franchise, which earned a box office of $530 million worldwide.

Li Bingbing And Statham Both Returning To Dangerous Waters

Li Bingbing is expected to join Jason Statham in reprising their roles, Li as an oceanographer and Statham as a U.S. Navy rescue diver. The role should be familiar waters for Statham, who was a world-class diver before becoming an actor. The Transporter-franchise action star was a world-class diver, representing his country at the 1990 Commonwealth Games before becoming a famous movie star.

Many Original Team Come Back For The Meg Sequel

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Also returning for The Meg sequel are screenwriters Erich Hoeber, Jon Hoeber and Dean Georgaris. The original mega-shark story was based on novelist Steve Alten’s 1997 book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror. The producers of the original shark blockbuster have also returned for the big screen second outing: Lorenzo di Bonaventura with Belle Avery and executive producer Catherine Xujun Ying.

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Before The Meg sequel can swim into local theaters, fans can see Statham in the Sylvester Stallone film The Expendables 4 and Guy Ritchie’s Orson Fortune. In Fortune, Statham plays the eponymous super-spy who must stop the sale of new deadly weapon technology owned by a billionaire arms broker. Statham will also be featured in The Bee Keeper, penned by Salt scribe Kurt Wimmer. The Bee Keeper is being promoted as a fast-paced thriller that is “deeply steeped in the mythology of Bee Keeping.” Statham, Wimmer, and Miramax CEO Bill Block are producing.

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