Let’s Talk About Sex (Specifically The Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations)

As Bette Davis reminds us in the classic Hollywood film, All About Eve, “Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” 

#MeToo In The Mainstream Media

We knew we wanted to publish it when we first heard about Ana Chevalier’s investigation into Kevin Spacey because it dug deep. 

Do a google search for “Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegations.” Do you know what you’ll find? Countless articles and blog posts repeating the same tired, boring accounts from the Hollywood grapevine. In other words, everyone is so busy trying to say the same thing differently. Why? To get more clicks. (Because news departments need to turn a profit). Basically, no one is doing much actual investigating anymore. Everything goes online so fast, there’s no time to get the details. 

And that’s a big problem in much of today’s online media: so few are trying to say something different.

And that’s why we’re here. 

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IO Magazine: Digging Deep Into Both Sides

At The IO Magazine, we’re more interested in digging deep. We want to look at both sides. We want to make an effort to understand what the heck is actually going on in our world. And for us, that meant looking into the Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegations. It also meant looking into Anthony Rapp. Why did he come forward when he did? Why are there so many inconsistencies?

The most significant benefit we as a society can do for anyone in the #MeToo movement and beyond is to look closely. We need to relentlessly dig into all allegations. Doing so means there will be no lingering questions of innocence or guilt when a verdict comes down.

We don’t want to focus on the popular narrative. There are too many mainstream publications that are barely been fact-checked, let alone researched that do that already. That’s why we wanted our first issue to tackle the Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegations. We wanted to ask questions.

IO Magazine is particularly interested in under-represented voices and perspectives–especially anyone with an unpopular or dissenting opinion. 

When Nate Briggs challenged that Fifty Shades of Grey’s popularity wasn’t because it was daring and new–but because it was so old, we found it familiar, we knew we had something great. When Ravenna Sparks controversially argued that Christianity fails women (and has for a long time), we wanted to give her essential piece a home.

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