Court Finds Kevin Spacey Accuser Testimony Doesn’t Jibe With BuzzFeed Account

February 15, 2022
By Ana Chevalier

Following the second deposition of Kevin Spacey accuser Justin Dawes, for the Anthony Rapp Lawsuit:the Court has found that Dawes’ testimony doesn’t match his written account to BuzzFeed in 2017. 

Lawyers for Kevin Spacey moved to have Dawes’ testimony thrown out, citing, among other things, Dawes’ unwillingness to provide the name of his friend he claimed would corroborate his allegations. This friend was present during the entire alleged interaction at Kevin Spacey’s apartment in 1988.

Kevin Spacey, Anthony Rapp Lawsuit: Court Document Reveals Inconsistencies In Accuser Testimony

Dawes sat for a second deposition this week. He initially failed to produce a copy of his original correspondence to BuzzFeed when first requested by the Court but subsequently provided it prior to his second deposition.

In a recently filed memorandum, the Court found that two “major facts” emerged concerning the assertion that Spacey “placed his hand” on Dawes’ kneed “for 30-45 seconds” back in 1988. Dawes has testified under oath that he “took [the manner of the contact] to be a sexual advance.”

Dawes Surrenders Original Communication To BuzzFeed

In the newly surrendered communication to BuzzFeed, the Court found that Dawes “said no such thing” and that the narrative “contained only a less inflammatory description of the alleged encounter.”

Further, the Court found that the anonymous friend’s account of the events— the one Dawes asserted would corroborate his allegations—“does not seem to corroborate” Dawes’ claims that Spacey touched him in a sexual manner. 

Spacey’s lawyers have since requested that the Court issue an order preventing Rapp from calling on or relying on Dawes’ testimony. 

Will Call Kevin Spacey Accuser, Dawes, Still Be Called To Testify In Anthony Rapp Lawsuit?

To date, the Court has not granted the order citing such an action would be “premature” because Rapp may ultimately “not wish to offer that testimony.”

In other words, Rapp may decide that using Justin Dawes’ testimony may be more damaging than beneficial, considering all the inaccuracies it contains.

The BuzzFeed account of Dawes’ alleged interactions with Spacey was written by Adam B. Vary, the same author who wrote the 2017 Kevin Spacey accusation article based on Anthony Rapp’s allegations.

Vary is currently in his own legal hot water for failing to answer questions about his friendship of 20 years with Kevin Spacey accuser Anthony Rapp.

It’s easy to see how Dawes’ interactions with BuzzFeed could lead to further questions about the integrity of Vary’s journalistic investigation.

The Court has agreed that Spacey’s lawyers can depose Dawes’ anonymous friend “within the next 30 days.” If and when that deposition occurs, we’ll update it here. 

As part of The Independent Observer’s commitment to this story, we will be providing ongoing coverage of Rapp’s lawsuit against Kevin Spacey, sexual assault allegations, production company arbitration, and where is Kevin Spacey now.

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Ana Chevalier ( is an award-winning author, former journalist, and playwright. Her work has appeared in global publications including Toronto Star, Baltimore Sun, The Independent (UK), The Telegraph (UK), The Chicago Sun-Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Jerusalem Post, Forbes, YahooNews, and many more. Ana is a former child-actor/ entertainer, winning multiple awards for her work. She has worked with Hollywood elite, Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar, and Tony award winners (EGOT!) and Grand Ole Opry members on a variety of projects on and off-stage.


  1. I’ve been following this case for a while. I hate to say this, but after seeing all the lies, inconsistencies and missteps from the plaintiff’s side, this is just coming off as Rapp doing this as a money grab. Kind of like the Michael Jackson trial in 2005 or so. Who knows, maybe the supposed “encounter” between Rapp and KS 30 years ago didn’t even happen in the first place.

  2. Hi Ana, thanks for your precious updates on the case. Justin Dawes has a story who can easily impress the jury, but in a court of law anything must be cross examined and whenever you look closer you can find holes as in a Swiss cheese. In the Buzzfeed article the story was different and the name of the other person wasn’t published because he was nowhere to be found. Once again Vary gave an example of lazy journalism because right now this man is fully available and he’s represented by a lawyer. Another curious fact is that Dawes is now living in Brazil, but still following the case as Rapp’s lawyer said he came forward voluntarily. Dawes is married and has two kids, he and his wife teaching at the American school in Brasilia, another curious fact they’re on a site for pets sitter, they’re offering to care about pets in exchange for a house during holiday time in Portland, the city where they were living before moving to Brasilia. They sold their own house in a posh residential suburb in Portland. Again, nothing wrong with it, but the family doesn’t look very wealthy, despite the crisis I think a middle class family can still rent a house or book an hotel for holiday. Thanks again.

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