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Image Credit: Anthony Rapp via Safe Bet. Image Credit Kevin Spacey @ Lotusphere via Alexander Kluge

In the weeks since I began covering the lawsuit Anthony Rapp brought against Kevin Spacey, I’ve been inundated with questions about the participants involved in this case. 

When one celebrity sues another, their audiences are bound to have questions, and this case is no different. With so many questions overlapping, The Independent Observer has asked me to tackle your most asked questions about both men in this one article. 

Since actor Anthony Rapp filed the lawsuit, I’ll start with your questions about him.

Anthony Rapp Most Asked Questions

Who is Anthony Rapp?

Anthony Deane Rapp is a Joliet, Illinois-born actor. He is known for originating the role of Mark Cohen in the original Broadway production of Rent and for portraying Paul Stamets on the CBS hit Star Trek: Discovery, the first openly gay character of the franchise. 

Interestingly, according to Google (and other trending data enquires), these performances rank #2 and #3 for the popular actor. 

According to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, and more than a few actors, directors, and producers I spoke with, Anthony Rapp is most known for his role as Kevin Spacey accuser. 

Mr. Rapp alleged the House of Cards actor made a sexual advance against him when he was 14 years old in a 2017 BuzzFeed interview.

Is Anthony Rapp Albino? Does He Have Albinism?

Mr. Rapp admits that he does not have the medical condition he glorifies on all his social media channels (and even uses in his band’s name). 

According to the If/Then actor, Rapp says his mother “decided” that he probably had albinism because he has a fairer complex than the rest of his family. 

Embed from Getty Images

In earlier images of the actor, his red hair, beard, blue eyes, and freckles are easily visible. While in more recent photos, his hair is grey more than anything (few 50-year-old gingers still sport their identifiable locks without a steady regimen of hair dye.)

The Adventures in Babysitting star is proud of his ultra-white status, often referencing it, frequently commenting how production staff uses his paleness to light other, darker-complected actors on set. 

Albinism is a rare genetic disorder affecting the amount of melanin pigment in your skin. As it is “genetic,” you can’t catch albinism; it is passed down along a family line. 

Of course, another reason—and much more plausible than a rare genetic condition—why Rapp doesn’t look like his other family members could be that he has a different biological basis. In other words, perhaps Anthony Rapp simply has a different father than his darker-complected brother, playwright Adam Rapp.

Embed from Getty Images

According to Rapp’s memoir, Without You, Rapp’s parents divorced when he was four, but he does not disclose why.

The ultra-woke actor appears to see nothing wrong with appropriating a medical condition that impacts thousands without actually knowing if it’s true. Why do I hear echoes of the ubiquitous trope, “…my grandmother was a Cherokee Indian princess…”

Did Anthony Rapp Ever Date Adam B Vary? Were Adam Vary And Anthony Rapp Boyfriends?

I found no evidence to suggest that Anthony Rapp and Adam B Vary were involved in a sexual relationship or ever dated prior to the BuzzFeed interview. 

How Old is Anthony Rapp

With so much focus on Rapp’s teenage assertion, people seem to forget that Anthony Rapp is now eligible for senior citizen discounts across the United States! Rapp was born October 26, 1971, making the Adventures in Babysitting star 50 years old.

Is Anthony Rapp Married?

Rapp and boyfriend Ken Ithiphol got engaged in 2021. Ithiphol, a leadership coach, social researcher and advocate, and Rapp have been dating since January 2016

When Did Anthony Rapp Come Out?

According to an interview with Advocate magazine, Rapp has never “come out.

“I have never actually come out as a gay man; I resist labels and their limits.” 

Are Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal Friends

Embed from Getty Images

Rapp and Pascal performed together in the musical Rent, written by Jonathan Larson on Broadway and have remained “close friends” for more than twenty years. 

Does Anthony Rapp Play Piano

Rapp “plays” the piano in a recent Star Trek: Discovery episode with castmate Blu del Barrio. 

How Long Was Anthony Rapp In Rent? 

The musical Rent’s first preview performance was on Apr 16, 1996. The opening night performance took place on Apr 29, 1996, and the show ran until Sep 07, 2008, at the Nederlander Theatre, for 5,123 performances. Rapp originated the role of Mark Cohen, performing off-Broadway and later on Broadway. Rapp also appeared at Mark Cohen in the national tour (Jan 06, 2009 – Feb 07, 2010)

How Old Was Anthony Rapp in Adventures In Babysitting

Rapp’s film career began with the 1987 film, Adventures in Babysitting. Rapp, who was born in 1971, would have been 16 in 1987.

How Old Was Anthony Rapp In Far From Home

Following on the heels of his success in Adventures in Babysitting, Rapp made two movies the (released when Rapp was 18-year-old): Far From Home and Grave Secrets

How Old Was Anthony Rapp When Kevin Spacey Allegedly Made A Sexual Advance Toward Him?

In a 2017 interview with long-time friend and listicle writer Adam B Vary, the Dazed and Confused actor accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault when he was 14 years old. 

At the time, Kevin Spacey was appearing in Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night on Broadway. Rapp was also appearing on Broadway alongside Ed Harris in George Furth’s play, Precious Sons.

Is Anthony Rapp In Tick Tick Boom?

Despite boasting a cast of almost everyone who’s anyone, Rent alum Rapp does not appear in tick, tick…BOOM! (a story about Jonathan Larson and RENT)

Embed from Getty Images

Is Anthony Rapp Leaving Star Trek: Discovery?

Interestingly, one of the most common questions I have received about Anthony Rapp is if/when he’s leaving Star Trek: Discovery. I reached out to a couple of industry professionals for clarification. While they also admitted to hearing the rumor, nothing substantive indicates that the LGBTQ icon is actually leaving the hit show. 

Whatever Happened To Anthony Rapp? Where Is Anthony Rapp Now? What Is Anthony Rapp Doing Now? 

When he’s not working as Paul Stamets in Star Trek: Discovery, Rapp offers personalized Cameo greetings for $95 and appears to play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons.

What Has Anthony Rapp Been In?

In addition to the Broadway musical Rent (and the movie version of the hit musical) and Star Trek: Discovery, Anthony Rapp has appeared in a number of guest roles on TV and films.  

Check out Anthony Rapp’s IMDB page for a complete listing of his TV and film appearances. 

Film and TV, Including TV Movies

  • Do You Take This Man (2016)
  • The Knick (2015)
  • Blackbird (2007)
  • Open House (2004)
  • A Beautiful Mind (2001)
  • The Beach Boys: An American Family (2000)
  • Road Trip (2000)
  • Man of the Century (1999)
  • Man of the Century (1999)
  • Spin City (1997)
  • The X-Files (1997)
  • Twister (1996)
  • Assault at West Point: The Court-Martial of Johnson Whittaker (1994)
  • School Ties (1992)
  • Sky High (1990)

Theatre: Broadway, Off-Broadway, London, etc. 

  • You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (1999)
  • Six Degrees of Separation (1990)
  • Precious Sons (1986)
  • The King and I (Broadway Touring Company, 1982)*

    *Rapp alleges that actor Yul Brynner “punched” him “in the stomach” backstage during one of the performances of this show when Rapp was 11. 

Where does Anthony Rapp Live? Does Anthony Rapp Live in Hollywood?

Rapp and his fiance, Ken Ithiphol, live in New York. Rapp recently sold the apartment he purchased during his run as an original cast member of Rent. Rapp sold the NoHo studio loft on Bond Street—which he originally purchased 23 years ago for $375,000—for just over $2 million. Rapp and Ithiphol have since purchased an East Village flat for 3.5 Million 

What Is Wrong With Anthony Rapp’s Teeth

Embed from Getty Images

This is another of the most often asked questions and one I find peculiar. But, unfortunately, it’s also one for which I have no answer. 

Whether the actor has an underlying medical condition or just poor personal/ dental hygiene is unknown.

Embed from Getty Images

Are Anthony Rapp And Billie Eilish Siblings?

No. While both performers look similar, they are not siblings.

Who Did Anthony Rapp Play In The Netflix Series House Of Cards

Anthony Rapp does not appear in House of Cards

Has Anthony Rapp Ever Hosted The Tony Awards? How Many Tony Awards Has Anthony Rapp Won?

No, Anthony Rapp has never hosted a major awards show. He has also never won, or been nominated, for a Tony award or any other major acting award. 

Rapp had received other nominations, however. 

He was nominated for Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Cast for his participation in the film version of Rent (This is an ensemble award). 

Is Anthony Rapp’s Lawsuit a Criminal Case?

No. Rapp joined a civil suit brought against Spacey by an anonymous plaintiff, known only as C.D.  

C.D. withdrew his complaint against Spacey leaving Anthony Rapp as the sole plaintiff in the civil case ramping up in district court (Southern District of New York; Federal Court). Justice Lewis A Kaplan is presiding over the case.

Kevin Spacey: Our Most Often Asked Questions

Who is Kevin Spacey?

Kevin Spacey Fowler is an award-winning American actor, director, producer, and singer. 

Kevin Spacey is also the focus of actor Anthony Rapp’s lawsuit in which he alleges the House of Cards actor made a sexual advance against him when he was a teenager. 

Where Is Kevin Spacey Today?

Spacey spent time in Europe filming a biopic about Croatia’s 1990s President Franjo Tudman over the Christmas holidays, directed by Croatian director Jakov Sedlar. Tudman came to power in 1990 and remains a controversial political figure within and outside Croatia. The film is scheduled to premiere on May 14 in Zagreb, the centenary of Tudman’s birth.

Kevin Spacey Franjo Tudman
Actor Kevin Spacey in upcoming Franjo Tudman biopic

Is Kevin Spacey Alive?

Proving odd questions surround this story…The last time I checked, yes, Kevin Spacey is alive and well.

What Was Kevin Spacey’s Last Movie

Prior to Anthony Rapp’s allegations of sexual misconduct, the last movie released starring the Tony and Oscar winner was the Billionaire Boys Club. Filmed in 2015, Billionaire Boys Club was released in 2018, grossing a meager $2.7 million at the box office.

Is Kevin Spacey Acting

kevin spacey anthony rapp sexual assault allegations the man who drew god

After a 2017 BuzzFeed interview with Kevin Spacey accuser Anthony Rapp, the Academy Award-winning actor has avoided media attention. 

Last year, however, he filmed The Man Who Drew God during the summer in Turin, Italy. Director Franco Nero’s wife, Vanessa Redgrave, was initially touted to be in the film but backed out before filming began. However, Hollywood legend Faye Dunaway soon took on the role and appeared alongside Spacey.  Posters for the film were seen during the 2021 Cannes film festival. Following Nero’s film, Spacey returned to the United States, where he participated in Peter Five Eight, an independent film by director Michael Zaiko Hall. 

Most recently, however, Spacey spent time in eastern Europe working with Croatian director Jakov Sedlar on a Franjo Tudjman biopic.

Why Did Kevin Spacey Change His Name? Did He Change His Name To Try To Hide The Anthony Rapp Lawsuit? 

While actor Kevin Spacey is referenced in Court and other official documents at Kevin Spacey Fowler, the American Beauty actor didn’t change his name to hide from the press. 

Unfortunately for conspiracy theorists, Kevin Spacey Fowler is the actor’s legal name. 

Official documents, like someone’s driver’s license, court documents, or rental agreements, must bear a person’s legal name. There’s nothing slippery about it, just the opposite—he’s obeying the rule of law. Any publication that says otherwise is spinning its own narrative. 

Is Kevin Spacey Retired?

Spacey recently returned from filming in Eastern Europe, and the House of Cards actor appears to be open to work. However, I doubt his manager’s voicemail is overflowing with job offers right now.  

Is Kevin Spacey Married?

The last time I checked, no, Kevin Spacey was not married. 

How Old Is Kevin Spacey?

Born in South Orange, New Jersey, on July 26, 1959, the former artistic director for The Old Vic (London, UK) is 62 years old.

Embed from Getty Images

How Much Is Kevin Spacey Worth? What is Kevin Spacey’s Net Worth Now?

Not that it’s anyone’s business how much money someone else earns, but Kevin Spacey’s net worth is estimated roughly to be between $75 and $100 million—give or take $31 million.

How Tall Is Kevin Spacey?

According to one costume designer I spoke with, Kevin Spacey is approximately 5’9″ tall.

Where Is Kevin Spacey? Where Does Kevin Spacey Live? Is He Living In Los Angeles, California?

The Baby Driver actor has kept a low profile since allegations first broke in 2017. 

With residences in the United States and England, Spacey has a reputation for being somewhat nomadic (as many actors are), moving from place to place depending on work requirements. 

With the upcoming Anthony Rapp lawsuit taking shape in New York, I foresee paparazzi shots of him in the city later this spring. 

Is Kevin Spacey In Lupin?

French Actor Herve Pierre Stars in Netflix Lupin


French actor (and theatre director) Hervé Pierre stars in the Netflix series, Lupin alongside star Omar Sy. From Les Fins, France, Pierre has often been mistaken for Spacey by viewers of the popular streaming series. 

Did Kevin Spacey Sing In Beyond The Sea

Yes, Kevin Spacey did all his own signing in the Bobby Darrin biopic. Spacey also co-wrote, directed, and co-produced the 2004 film.

Does Kevin Spacey Have A Brother? 

Yes. Randall “Randy” Fowler is Kevin Spacey’s older brother. 

Kevin Spacey 2021; Randy Fowler
Limo Driver & Rod Stewart Impersonator, Randy Fowler

In the aftermath of accuser Anthony Rapp’s allegations against Kevin Spacey, in October of 2017, Randy Fowler reissued his self-published memoir, A Moment In Time (December 2017).

Randy Fowler also spoke to several newspapers and tabloids, like The Sun and The Daily Mail in the weeks that followed, who describe Randy as “an eccentric and slightly sad figure.” Randy admits there have been times “he has resented his brother’s fame and success.”

Is Randy Fowlers’ Book About Kevin Spacey True? 

Fowler’s book is rich in spelling mistakes (among countless other errors his editor missed), poorly positioned arguments, meandering, often purposeless prose, and plenty of resentment.I found the book to be light on checkable, verifiable facts. 

I found the book hard to read—not because of the abuse he alleges, but rather because of the overwhelming punitory tone of the author, which he continues to carry forward in every subsequent interview and podcast. 

What happened between you [Kevin Spacey] and my father? Was there any abuse? If there was, did you like it?

Randy Fowler, Kevin Spacey’s older brother in conversation with The Sun

The above quote and screen grabs below are from an interview Randy Fowler did with The Sun

Randy Fowler, Kevin Spacey, Their Mother and Sister

In recent years, Randy Fowler, who works as a Rod Stewart impersonator/ limo driver in Idaho, has leveraged his brother’s fame to become a bit of a tabloid notable. Randy can often be found discussing their shared childhood while noting he has only met his younger brother “five times in nearly three decades” and has no personal contact with him. 

Does Kevin Spacey Have A Son? Does Kevin Spacey Want Children?

In an interview with Charlie Rose in the late aughts, Kevin Spacey wrapped up the conversation with Rose stating he was considering “starting a family” in the future. He hasn’t publicly addressed the topic since. 

Has Kevin Spacey Been Married?

No. Kevin Spacey has never been married. 

How Is Kevin Spacey Doing?

I get asked this question…a lot. Every day, at a minimum, one person reaches out to me asking how Kevin Spacey is doing. The short answer is, I don’t know any more than you do.

And since Kevin Spacey still hasn’t agreed to do an interview with me, I can only make assumptions and comments based on personal experiences and discussions I’ve had elsewhere. 

When an artist is cut off from creating art, it feels awful—it’s truly the worst feeling. You feel disconnected from yourself and the world around you. It’s alienating and burdensome. 

Every actor/ entertainer/ performer I’ve ever spoken with who’s experienced something like that has echoed a similar sentiment. I have no reason to expect Kevin Spacey’s experience to be significantly different.

I view Spacey’s participation in roles, like Franco Nero’s, The Man Who Drew God, and Peter Five Eight, as efforts to find a way forward. 

It’s one thing to retire from your career willingly; it’s quite another to have it stripped from you in less than a week.  

I imagine he might be eagerly anticipating his “day in court.”

How Old Is Kevin Spacey’s Wife?

Nobody knows—mostly because he isn’t married.

What Was Kevin Spacey In? What Movies And Plays Has Kevin Spacey Been In? 

If I were to list out everything Kevin Spacey has worked in/ on/ with during his illustrious career, we’d probably break the internet. Instead, the list below contains some of the more interesting/ notable/ often asked about parts.

In addition to his role as Frank Underwood in the Netflix production of House of Cards, Spacey has appeared on Broadway and stages worldwide. 

Check out Kevin Spacey’s IMDB page for a complete listing of his TV and film appearances. 

Theatre: Broadway, Off-Broadway, London, etc. 

  • Clarence Darrow (2014) & (2015)
  • Speed-the-Plow, (2015) *with Jeff Goldblum
  • Richard III (June 29, 2011 – March 4, 2012)
  • A Moon for the Misbegotten (April 09, 2007 – June 10, 2007)
  • The Iceman Cometh (April 08, 1999 – July 17, 1999)* Tony Award Nomination: Lead Actor In A Play
  • Lost in Yonkers (February 21, 1991 – January 03, 1993) *Tony Award: Featured Actor In a Play
  • Long Day’s Journey Into Night (April 28, 1986 – June 29, 1986)
  • Hurlyburly (August 07, 1984 – June 02, 1985)
  • Ghosts (August 30, 1982 – October 02, 1982)

Film and TV, Including TV Movies

  • Let Me Be Frank (Short film, YouTube) 2018
  • Gore (2017) Never released.
  • Elvis & Nixon (2016)
  • Horrible Bosses (2011)
  • The Shipping News (2001)
  • LA Confidential (1997)
  • Darrow (1991) PBS
  • Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) *With Jack Lemmon
  • The Usual Suspects (1995) *Academy Award 1996, Best Supporting Actor
  • Saturday Night Live, Host (January 11, 1997)

*Spacey made his film directing debut with Albino Alligator in 1996.

Not according to Sissy Spacek.

Image Credit: Kevin Spacey via Alexander Kluge; Sissy Spacek via David Shankbone

Has Kevin Spacey Won An Oscar/ Academy Award?

Kevin Spacey has won two Oscar/ Academy Awards:

  • Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role (2000) for his role as Lester Burnham in American Beauty
  • Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (1996) for his role as Keyser Söze in The Usual Suspects

Who Is Kevin Spacey’s Manager? Who is Evan Lowenstein?

Embed from Getty Images

Kevin Spacey’s manager is Evan Lowenstein (right). 

Fans may remember Lowenstein as one half “Evan and Jordan,” identical twins who found chart success with hits such as Crazy for This Girl, From My Head to My Heart, and The Distance. Lowenstein has managed the House of Cards actor’s career since 2016. 

While Spacey may be Lowenstein’s sole client, the former pop star-turned-business-entrepreneur-and-investor keeps busy with a lengthy list of successful ventures. 

Lowenstein recently made business headlines when music technology company VNue acquired Lowenstein’s StageIt, an online venue for LIVE & interactive performances.

Can Kevin Spacey Play The Harmonica? 

Whether Spacey will ever rank among the greatest blues harmonicist in history remains to be seen, but the Golden Globe winner played harmonica to the delight of audiences during a 2015 performance honoring Billy Joel. 

Did Kevin Spacey Finish House of Cards?

Following a CNN report, several anonymous young men made allegations against the actor in 2017, Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos decided to remove Spacey from House of Cards and shelve the Netflix film Gore

Sarandos told MRC, one of the production companies involved in the hit series, the only way the series could go forward was “without Spacey.” So the final season of House of Cards was rewritten, without Spacey’s character Frank Underwood.

Does Kevin Spacey Know Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot Paul Visoski Jr testified that numerous entertainers, politicians, business professionals, etc., have traveled on Epstein’s plane. 

According to Visoski, passengers included Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Chris Tucker, Senator John Glenn, Itzhak Perlman, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, Robert, F. Kennedy Jr., and former Senate majority leader George Mitchell.

Did Christopher Plummer Replace Kevin Spacey In All The Money In The World?

Following news of alleged sexual assault, Ridley Scott reshot scenes (filmed initially with Kevin Spacey) with Christoper Plummer. Spacey’s work on the film All The Money In The World was erased in editing, replaced by Plummer’s performances

Is Kevin Spacey from Boston?

Kevin Spacey was born in New Jersey but grew up in California. He has often expressed his affection for Beantown but is not a Boston native. 

Spacey owns an art/ antique shop in the Boston area and adopted a pup in the city following the Boston Marathon bombing, subsequently naming it, you guessed it, Boston.

What Was Kevin Spacey Convicted Of In Massachusetts? Was Kevin Spacey Convicted Of Sexual Assault In Nantucket? 

Nothing. No.

The case, concerning alleged sexual misconduct in a Nantucket bar, was dismissed with prejudice. 

The judge dismissed the case when the Court found that the defendant’s mother, Heather Unruh, tampered with evidence, and the defendant himself refused to answer questions. 

“With prejudice” means the case cannot be refiled at a later date; the issue is considered closed. 

Can Kevin Spacey Return to Acting? Is Kevin Spacey’s Career Over? Has Kevin Spacey Been Canceled Like Harvey Weinstein?

Not if The Hollywood Reporter has any say in the matter

But is it? 

Following sexual assault allegations and sexual harassment claims, the actor might not be seen on the red carpet, but he is still acting. 

And judging from the response I’ve been getting, the Emmy-winning actor still has a considerable following who are eager for his next creative project.  

Harvey Weinstein was indicted on rape and criminal sexual acts. Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year sentence, having been found guilty of rape in the third degree and criminal sexual assault in New York (2020).

Did Kevin Spacey Have To Pay Anthony Rapp $31 Million Dollars?

No. The recent news concerning Kevin Spacey having to pay $31 Million centers around an arbitration judgment, MRC (the production company behind the Netflix hit show, House of Cards) filed against him. Spacey’s attorneys are seeking to overturn an Arbitrator’s award.

How Old Was Justin Dawes When He (Allegedly) Went To Kevin Spacey’s Apartment? 

Kevin Spacey accuser Justin Dawes alleges he went to Kevin Spacey’s apartment in Connecticut when he was 16, the legal age of consent in the state of Connecticut.

Did Kevin Spacey Attend the Superbowl?

​I have no idea.  

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