Ezra Miller is Stricken from a TIFF Press Release Due to… Reasons

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Adam H Douglas

Ezra Miller’s name was conspicuously absent on a press release from TIFF—regarding their (Erza’s pronouns are they/them) final film of the festival—and the entertainment media feeding frenzy began anew.

TIFF, also known as The Toronto International Film Festival, announced that its closing night movie for the 2022 season would be the Mary Harron-directed Dalíland. However, one of the film’s lead actors was left off the press release—whether by accident, for publicity, or (the more likely) scandal-aversion reasons is unclear. 

Dalíland stars Sir Ben Kingsley as the elder Salvador Dalí and Ezra Miller as the younger version of the artist. Miller’s name did not appear as part of the cast credits. Perhaps TIFF organizers hoped their festival attendees might forget Ezra co-stars in the film? 

Ezra Miller is the latest golden child of the scandal sheets

Miller has been making juicy headlines for entertainment publications for the past few weeks, ours included. The most recent just two days ago when the Justice League star was charged in Vermont with felony burglary. 

Miller’s list of ‘scandals’ is long, odd, and eclectic. The various stories paint the Flash actor as a trans-activist, a child-groomer, a cult leader, a violent abuser, a mentally ill young man, or simply a very entitled celebrity.

lengthy article in Business Insider co-penned by authors Melkorka Licea, and Katie Warren details a buffet of innuendo, rumor, they-said/they-said, and eccentric behavior. 

Meeting most modern journalism standards, the Insider reporters rely heavily on anonymous sources or bystanders—including an extra on the set of the mini-series The Stand. This extra’s assessment of the situation was apparently unimpeachable because no other person who witnessed Miller’s alleged behavior on set was quoted. 

Is Ezra Miller just eccentric or dangerously unstable? You decide!

It’s hard to deny that Miller can be… unconventional.

In an MRC / Hollywood Reporter 2018 interview when Miller was 26, they wore a unicorn outfit (insisting they were real, you know) during a promotional video. The interview took place on their Vermont farm with their polyamorous collection of friends and spiritual advisors while smoking a fair amount of weed. 

They also broke down when the interview strayed onto the subject of climate change, at one point shaking and crying. Some of Miller’s comments in the interview suggest a strong sexual predatory nature in Hollywood, but it isn’t clear whether they are joking. There are many more comments like that—shocking yet vague regarding their seriousness. 

Several of the accusations in the Insider article are undeniably troubling. For example, the parents of a non-binary, Native American activist, Tokata Iron Eyes, claimed that Miller had been grooming them since they were 12 and was abusive and controlling towards them. 

Family members and friends of Tokata painted a picture of a frequently erratic and occasionally dangerous man who kept Tokata under near-total control.

Tokata, now 18, who sometimes goes by the name of Gibson, strongly defended their relationship with Miller, saying there was nothing to the accusations.  

Ezra Miller’s rap sheet

The Aug 8th felony charge for burglary, according to the state police report, stems from the alleged theft of “several bottles of alcohol” from a Vermont home when the residents were not home. Earlier in the year, Miller pleaded no contest to a charge of disorderly conduct in Hawai’i and paid a $500 fine. Also, in a separate Hawaiian incident, they were charged with second-degree assault for throwing a chair at a woman. 

In the pantheon of Hollywood scandals, Miller’s is an arguably light rap sheet with very little in the way of irrefutable proof. 

However, if half of what is alleged is proven to be true, it’s a litany of poor behavior that is hardly something to be proud of—and as official investigations are still active, further criminal charges could be forthcoming against the embattled star. 

The decision of the TIFF staff to omit Miller’s name on the Dalíland press release may have been an attempt to wash their hands of the whole unseemly business. But instead, they seem to have achieved the opposite, adding more fodder to the one million plus searches that Google users have made about Ezra Miller in the last month. 

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