Adam Vary Must Turn Over Communications With Anthony Rapp, Judge Rules in Kevin Spacey Trial

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Friend of Anthony Rapp, Adam Vary speaking at the 2013 WonderCon at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California

Former Buzzfeed listicle reporter Adam Vary was thwarted in his attempt to keep his communications with friend Anthony Rapp out of the Kevin Spacey court case. 

According to the Aug 9th memorandum opinion issued by Judge Lewis A. Kaplan—the judge overseeing a civil suit trial brought forth by accuser Anthony Rapp—Vary must produce all pre-2017 communications between himself and Rapp within six days. 

Furthermore, Vary must submit to another deposition on or before September 9th, 2022. The judge went one step further, compelling the reporter to fully respond to questions he didn’t answer during his original deposition back in February of this year. 

“Vary shall sit for a supplemental deposition not to exceed four hours and answer… all questions he refused to answer at his initial deposition and all reasonable follow-up questions….”

– Judge Lewis A. Kaplan’s August 9th, 2022, memorandum

Adam B. Vary evades questions

As we previously reported (under IO Magazine), Adam Vary flatly refused to answer almost all the questions posed by Spacey’s lawyers during his original deposition. His reasons for refusing were due to the advice of his attorney, Vary stated repeatedly.

Vary also refused to hand over communications between him and Rapp, saying they might violate a confidential source. The judge disagreed. 

Anthony Rapp is currently suing the two-time Oscar winner for assault, battery, and emotional distress during an alleged incident in 1986 when Rapp was fourteen. Rapp is seeking damages of $40 million. 

Adam Vary and Anthony Rapp’s relationship not disclosed in accusation article

There is speculation around this court case that Spacey’s lawyers are focusing on how the original accusation article of Oct 2017 came about and was investigated. 

Marisa Carroll, Deputy National Editor for Buzzfeed in 2017 and who edited the article, told the BBC her version of how Buzzfeed got the story.

“What just so happened was [Vary] received a tip. He was reached out to by Anthony Rapp directly, who is someone he’s known for many years of entertainment reporting, and they also, you know, have a friendship. And he said, ‘Hey, there’s something I’m finally ready to come forward with after seeing the outpouring of reaction to the Harvey Weinstein story.'”

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Kevin Spacey was fired from the breakthrough Netflix series after Adam B. Vary’s article.

Carroll did not mention that Rapp had told the story to a reporter once before. In 2001 for the Advocate, Rapp recounted the alleged incident to the interviewer, but without naming who was the famous actor in question. The Star Trek actor also stated he approached a prosecutor but was told he didn’t have a case. Eventually, Rapp contacted his old friend who worked at Buzzfeed who wrote the now-infamous story.

However, Vary failed to mention in the story that he had been friends with the accuser for almost twenty years.

Ironically, while it appears Vary felt his existing friendship with Rapp was irrelevant to the allegation story, Vary apparently felt his “full disclosure” an integral part of journalistic conduct, including it in an earlier Buzzfeed piece about Rapp and the “wokeness in Star Trek culture.”

It seems that according to Adam B. Vary, Star Trek—full disclosure; unverified sexual assault allegations—not so much.

“Full disclosure: Rapp and the writer of this story are friends.”

– Adam B. Vary, September 2017 Buzzfeed article which appeared almost exactly one month prior to his Spacey accusation article.

Adam Vary comes clean—sort of

In a follow-up article on the first anniversary of the Spacey story, Vary directly admits to his long-time friendship with Rapp, writing, “I’ve been friends with Rapp since 1999.”

Yet, the original Spacey accusation article has not been amended to include this fact.

The fallout from the Adam Vary article

The 2017 accusation article effectively halted Spacey’s Hollywood career, sentencing the once-lauded actor into a no man’s land of obscurity and derision. Rapp’s accusation was not supported by any direct evidence or witness corroboration.

Rapp has produced a list of names of people he claims he told of the alleged incident over the years, but none of them were present on the night in question or capable of directly backing up his claims with first-hand knowledge.

Popping Culture will continue posting new information regarding this court case, including any developments from Vary’s second deposition, as we uncover them. You can read our original investigation into the Kevin Spacey allegations here.


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  2. I think anthony rapp and adam vary were out to get money. How does a reporter or their editors let this go public WITHOUT any evidence? Miscarriage of justice and I am sure if Kevin Spacey had thought about this he would have let his attorneys handle this biased and not true accusation.

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