Kevin Spacey, Anthony Rapp Trial Begins

The salacious civil suit of Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp versus Kevin Spacey is finally going to trial.

Actor Anthony Rapp alleges fellow actor Kevin Spacey made a sexual advance toward him in 1986

Late yesterday afternoon, Judge Kaplan ordered that jury selection for Rapp et. al vs. Fowler (Spacey’s legal last name) is to begin on October 6.

The Trial Order states that the Clerk’s Office will provide the Court with a jury panel for this case on Thursday, October 6, 2022. “On that day, the parties must be present…by 9:30 AM ready to begin jury selection and proceed immediately to trial.”

The civil suit began with anonymous accusor “C.D.,” who initially brought a $40 million lawsuit against the two-time Oscar-winning actor for an alleged long-term inappropriate relationship. However, C.D. insisted that he be allowed to proceed throughout the trial anonymously.

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Soon after C.D. filed his lawsuit, he reached out to former Rent star Rapp convincing him to join the lawsuit as a co-accusor. Anthony Rapp is also suing for damages to the tune of $40 million.
C.D.’s insistence to remain anonymous was expected to be a problematic sticking point for the plaintiff’s lawyers. His name would be known to the defense but not allowed to be published publicly.

If C.D. had succeeded, it would have been precedent-setting in American law. Judge Kaplan disagreed, ruling that any defendant accused of such a crime could not adequately mount a proper defense. Other witnesses, he ruled, who could have relevant knowledge or information would remain ignorant of the accusation, unaware of the opportunity to come forward. C.D. chose to drop his lawsuit rather than proceed publicly. Rapp chose to go it alone.

The trial promises to be interesting, to say the least.

Since filing the lawsuit, Anthony Rapp has failed to address several inconsistencies about the “damages” he allegedly suffered at the hands of the American Beauty.
Rapp accused the older actor of making a sexual advance toward him following a party at Spacey’s apartment in New York in 1986. Rapp was 14 at the time; Spacey 26.

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Anthony Rapp alleges that Kevin Spacey picked him up and carried him into his bedroom, clumsily dumped him on his bed and drunkenly fell on top of him. “I was aware that he was trying to get with me sexually,” Rapp alleged in an interview with Buzzfeed listicle writer and long-time friend Adam B. Vary.

Adam Vary has been ordered to sit for a second deposition to answer questions about his twenty-year friendship with Rapp—questions he refused to answer the first time.

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Part of the disconnect with Rapp’s accusation stems from the strange mirroring of this scenario with a precise scene in the Broadway production of Precious Sons, which Rapp was starring in at the time.

In the original BuzzFeed interview, Rapp talks openly about his appearance with Ed Harris and describes how as part of the nightly performance, Harris’ character picks up the teenage Rapp and drunkenly falls on top of him, making a crude sexual advance. Rapp also discusses his Precious Sons performance in his memoir, Without You

Rapp created a one-man-musical show based on the memoir, which he recently resurrected for four performances. Also, in his book, Rapp graphically describes a consensual age-inappropriate sexual relationship with an adult male while still in Chicago, when Rapp was 14—before being cast in the Broadway play. However, Rapp fails to mention (or even hint at) Spacey, the alleged party, or the alleged assault.

Written by Adam H. Douglas


  1. Thank you for this. The trial is already anyway without allegations of sexual assault anymore since judge Kaplan dismissed it . Although the media didn’t comment this major step for Kevin Spacey. There are lots of holes in Rapp’s narrative that Kevin ‘s defense will fiercely and brilliantly explain to jurors. And certainly lot of stuff in favor if the defendant in the conversations between Vary and Rapp. I wouldn’t like to be in Rapp’s shoes currently !

  2. I just want this to end and show Rapp for what he is, greedy.
    Adam vary is responsible too because he wrote an article just on hearsay. They both should go to jail for all this bull. Wasting taxpayers money and Kevin’s lawyer fees. SMH it is disgusting.

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