Kevin Spacey—Ana Chevalier Talks on Popping Culture’s Pilot Podcast Episode

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Anthony Rapp’s suit against Kevin Spacey begins Oct 4th.

The Kevin Spacey civil suit trial, brought forth by Anthony Rapp, is set to begin in two weeks. And Popping Culture has the only journalist in the world who investigated the U.S. accusations—Ana Chevalier.

Ana is an award-winning former journalist, musician and actress who retired from the stage in her early twenties after working as a performer for almost eighteen years. In addition to working for several years with one of the biggest news publishers in the world, Hollinger Publishing, her fiction and non-fiction writing has been published worldwide earning praise and accolades along the way.

The Kevin Spacey story

When Buzzfeed listicle writer Adam Vary posted the uncorroborated accusation by Anthony Rapp in 2017, it took only five days for Kevin Spacey to fall from Hollywood star to social pariah.

Rapp claimed the actor made a drunken pass at him after a party when Rapp was 14 years old. As a result, Spacey is now constantly mentioned in the same breath as convicted Hollywood rapist Harvey Weinstein and sexual predator Bill Cosby.

The Buzzfeed article and accusations utterly destroyed Spacey’s career. But Ana had a strong instinct that something was wrong with the story the media was spinning.

She thought Spacey’s downfall was too fast, and the accusations were far too vague. Yes, there were lots of them, but there were also many inconsistencies. 

Reporting on this story by the media was based almost entirely on hearsay and anonymous sources. There was a shocking lack of any direct evidence—yet the entertainment press seemed perfectly content labeling Spacey a bona fide monster.

Digging to find the truth about Kevin Spacey

In 2018, Ana began to dig into the story. At the start, she was simply curious about what might turn up.

What she found was shocking.

Award-winning former journalist Ana Chevalier

Ana focused her investigation mainly on the U.S.-based accusers and companies involved. Rapp cast the first stone in Hollywood —the one that started the avalanche. (That, and most of Ana’s contacts in “the biz” were located on this side of the ocean.) 

During the last four years, Ana talked to hundreds of people who met, worked with, and even several who were hit on by Kevin Spacey. She interviewed dozens, looked into rumors, followed the leads and, most importantly, the money.

The story she uncovered was a perfect storm of deceit, gossip, sex, fame, hysteria, and the ongoing decay of journalistic standards. There was so much more to this story than what was being broadcast on television.

The Popping Culture Podcast

Premiering soon, Popping Culture will post a series of podcast interviews with Ana Chevalier about the Kevin Spacey trial. She plans to discuss the case details, including particulars not included in her original article, which to date has been viewed almost two million times.

She’ll also discuss why investigating this story and looking to get it published drove her away from professional journalism permanently.

The upload date for The Popping Culture Podcast will be announced shortly.


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