Podcast Announcement | Kevin Spacey Trial

I’m Adam H. Douglas, the Chief Editor here and the main writer for our website, and your host for this brand-spankin’-new podcast, centring on the Kevin Spacey trial.

The premiere episode was supposed to be posted yesterday, but as you can hear in our premiere trailer below, there was an unfortunate, tragic, delay.

Popping Culture Magazine Preview

Popping Culture Magazine is an online culture, entertainment, and celebrity news magazine. 

What you’ll find here are interviews, essays, reviews, commentary and in-depth reporting on cultural events, artists, and productions. Mostly we’ll center on North American topics, but not exclusively. 

Our aim is to bring you a fresh perspective on cultural happenings in our world.

Our motto (which you can find right below the title above) is: Question the Narrative. Which is exactly what we hope to do here. 

For our premiere episode, we’re coming out of the gate strong. We have an exclusive interview with Ana Chevalier, the only journalist in the entire world to do an in-depth investigation into the Kevin Spacey allegations. And if you think you know the story, you ain’t heard nothing yet. Some of the details shocked the hell out of me. 

We’ll dig into the trial that starts this week between Anthony Rapp and Kevin Spacey and look at the many problems that plague this narrative and the scandal that killed Spacey’s career.

The podcast will be posted in the next day or two. Stay tuned, folks.

  • Adam H. Douglas

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