Day Two of the Kevin Spacey Trial | Podcast Episode

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We’re two days into the Kevin Spacey trial—a civil suit brought forth by Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp. On the latest episode of the Popping Culture Magazine Podcast, we continue our exclusive interview with Ana Chevalier, the only journalist worldwide to investigate the allegations thoroughly.

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Episode two of Popping Culture Magazine Podcast about the Kevin Spacey trial

Here are a few notes about what we’ve learned so far—

The most shocking discovery that may put the nail in the coffin of this whole case is that Kevin Spacey is apparently a pack rat.

And thank goodness for his sake.

How could being a pack rat save Kevin Spacey?

Anthony Rapp’s whole case hinges on the jury believing his version of events as opposed to Kevin’s. Why? Mainly because there are no direct witnesses to the supposed event, and Rapp has produced no direct evidence either.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, most of us know the basics of the story that Anthony Rapp’s long-time friend Adam Vary wrote in his Buzzfeed article. 

When Rapp was 14, he alleges that Kevin Spacey invited the young Broadway actor to a dinner party. Rapp claims he didn’t know anyone there and went into Spacey’s bedroom, sat on the bed, and watched television. Much later, Rapp says he realized everyone else had left and saw Spacey standing in the bedroom doorway, swaying like he was drunk.

Rapp then said Spacey picked him up “like a groom picks up a bride” and carried him to the bed before falling on top of him “like a dead weight.”

Rapp claims he was able to squirm out from underneath him and make his way to the bathroom, then he left the apartment and walked home.

At first, this seemed like a case of he said / he said.

Or at least, it was.

More details of Anthony Rapp’s story don’t add up

As part of the great investigation that Ana Chevalier has done over the last five years into this story, many details have come to light that cast a lot of doubt on the veracity of Anthony Rapp in this matter.

Some of these details include:

  • Rapp doesn’t recall who was at the party, and no one else who was at this supposed party has come forward to confirm or deny events.
  •  Rapp doesn’t explain how he managed to walk home in the middle of the night alone in 1986 New York City without being mugged or worse.
  •  Why does Rapp’s account of Spacey’s behavior strangely mimic the exact scenario Rapp repeated almost every night during his Broadway performance of Precious Sons?
  •  If Rapp was already on the bed, how did a drunken Spacey pick him up and “walk him over to the bed?”
  •  Why didn’t the reporter who wrote the Buzzfeed article, Adam Vary, mention that he was a long-time friend of Rapp in the report?

Furthermore, Rapp has never explained how this event was so traumatic, especially because he engaged in an age-inappropriate relationship with an adult neighbor the same year.

In his 2006 autobiography, Without You, Rapp graphically and salaciously described having oral sex with this adult neighbor and group sex activities with other boys his own age. Yet, in none of these encounters, he indicates they were particularly traumatic—quite the opposite.

Notably, his biography does not mention Spacey, the alleged incident, or any version of these events.

The new Kevin Spacey trial revelations

Here’s the biggest thing we learned in the two days of testimony at the trial: Kevin Spacey, it seems, does not throw many things out. As a result, he produced for the court the lease he signed for his apartment in New York in 1986 to the court.

The lease will confirm the layout of the apartment.

It is a loft (also called a studio; a bachelor apartment)

There is no bedroom.

Could this be the smoking gun that puts Rapp’s case in the dumpster? The fact that Ana—a journalist from the region of northern Maine—is the ONLY journalist to investigate these allegations in detail does not bode well for the legacy media to give this story a fair shake.

In this episode of the Popping Culture Magazine Podcast, Ana discusses this new revelation and many other details that have come to light. Now retired from journalism, Ana has also begun blogging about this story on her website.

In it, she goes into greater detail about her investigation, what she uncovered about the two actors in question, the blind eye of the news media, the other allegations accusers have made, and some of the crazier rumors that swirl around Spacey.

The trial continues Tuesday, Oct 11th.

Stay tuned, folks.

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