PCM Podcast Episode 3—Kevin Spacey Trial Days 3-5

arbitration judgement $31 million
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The latest episode of the Popping Culture Magazine Podcast is live, continuing our coverage of the Kevin Spacey trial.

In this episode, Ana Chevalier—the only journalist to investigate the allegations surrounding Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey—reviews all the events of days three, four, and five of the ongoing civil trial brought forth by Star Trek cast member Anthony Rapp.

And boy, those days had some big dramatic moments.

Beyond Rapp admitting that a significant aspect of his allegation story might be false, he admitted under oath that he lied.

Yet most major news outlets seemed to have watched an entirely different trail.

Ana and I talk about the mirror-universe (Star Trek reference) response to this revelation from the legacy media and the growing inconsistencies in Rapp’s story.

Popping Culture Magazine Podcast | Episode 3

Note: Due to a technical difficulty, there was a delay getting this episode done on time. Sorry for any inconvenience. – AHD

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  1. Thank you. Media absolutely want Kevin Spacey being guilty! Hope the jurors , conscious of their responsibility, will analyse the facts . My fear is that they don’t know the case as you do.But on the other hand, the defense is aware of that.In one French Media (small one) and in serious media Suddeutsche Zeitung, they WRITE that Kevin will not be convicted, because lies on Rapp ‘s side etc.

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