Popping Culture Podcast Ep. 4 & 5 | The Kevin Spacey Trial

Episode 4 of the Popping Culture Magazine Podcast

The Popping Culture Magazine Podcast presents two episodes about the Kevin Spacey trial for the price of one.

Actually, they’re both free to view right now.

In episodes 4&5, we delve into more discussions with Ana Chevalier about her investigation into the Kevin Spacey allegations. We also discuss the brazen flaws in Anthony Rapp’s story as presented in his case before Judge Kaplan in New York on Oct 18th and 19th.

Episode 5

The major events in day 6 include:

  • Kevin Spacey takes the stand
  • Judge Kaplan throws out half of Rapp’s case

But anyone who is monitoring this case from through the lens of legacy media sites might well have missed that second point. Instead, the industrial news complex seemed to focus solely on the fact that Mr. Spacey talked about his father on the stand.

Legacy media can’t resist a Kevin Spacey neo-Nazi headline

It’s quite apparent that most news sites have little interest in reporting the full details on this case. The overall reporting has skewed heavily towards favoring Rapp, and few have even bothered to mention that half of Rapp’s case was tossed.

They did however, strike clickbait gold when Kevin Spacey spoke publicly for the first time about his neo-Nazi father.

The fact that his father was—to put it mildly—not a nice guy, was not a secret. Spacey has historically almost never talked about his private life to the press, including details about his sexual orientation.

But this is the only story as far as the legacy media is concerned.

Further details about the Kevin Spacey trial

Ana Chevalier has continued to report on her experiences investigating this story and the developments of the civil trial on her blog. For more details, we highly encourage you to visit her site and get the story firsthand from the only journalist to actually investigate this story.

Meanwhile, on day 8 of the trial the defense rested their case—meaning that closing statements from the battling legal teams will likely start first thing tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for the next episode of Popping Culture Magazine Podcast to be loaded as soon as possible.

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