James Earl Jones Agrees to Be the Voice of Darth Vader—Forever

James Earl Jones—the voice of Darth Vader—scored big today as Disney and Lucasfilm continue their quest to extinguish all the humanity from their Star Wars empire.  From his early role as Dr. Rush on Dr. Kildare in 1966 to Coming to America 2 in 2021, James Earl Jones’ career spans over sixty years and almost a hundred and ninety […]

Kevin Spacey—Ana Chevalier Talks on Popping Culture’s Pilot Podcast Episode

The Kevin Spacey civil suit trial, brought forth by Anthony Rapp, is set to begin in two weeks. And Popping Culture has the only journalist in the world who investigated the U.S. accusations—Ana Chevalier. Ana is an award-winning former journalist, musician and actress who retired from the stage in her early twenties after working as a performer […]

Olivia Wilde—Don’t Worry Darling, Jordan Peterson Won’t Get You

Olivia Wilde publicity tour for her second feature film, Don’t Worry Darling, took a weird turn about a week ago. And this is from a tour with more weird turns than a drunken Le Mans race. Dontworry Darling premiered at the Venice Film Festival last week to more publicity than the average film gets these days. The […]


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